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Cod. GO-SW-24G

Ean. 0790069396625

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The dlinkgo GO-SW-16G 16-Port Unmanaged Gigabit Switch and GO-SW-24G 24-Port Unmanaged Gigabit Switch each offer an economical way for SOHO and small to medium businesses (SMB) to deploy an energy-efficient switch that benefits from the increased bandwidth of Gigabit Ethernet.

Gigabit on Every Port

The 16/24-Port Gigabit Easy Desktop Switch series brings the speed of Gigabit Ethernet to each and every port for a truly high-speed network. You can transfer files and backup data faster, and enjoy stutter-free VoIP calls and multimedia streaming. If your network has a mix of legacy and modern computing capabilities, each port allows for standard Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, or Gigabit Ethernet connections to provide full backward compatibility

Innovative Design

The sleek plastic case of the GO-SW-16G/24G  series is an industry first for a  high-performance SOHO/SMB switch. Using a compact desktop style helps generate heat dissipation levels that allow for a fanless design, making the switches silent and allowing greater flexibility to place the switches anywhere. The 16/24-Port Gigabit Easy Desktop Switch series is small, lightweight, wall-mountable, and ideal for any business with big needs and a small budget.

Conserves Energy

The 16/24-Port Gigabit Easy Desktop Switch series helps you conserve energy automatically through several methods. It automatically powers down ports that have no link, allowing the switch to save substantial amounts of power by cutting power usage for unused ports or any ports connected to computers that have been shut down. It can also detect connected cable lengths, and adjusts power usage accordingly, helping you save energy without affecting networking performance.

Think Green

The GO-SW-16G/24G  16/24-Port Gigabit Easy Desktop Switch series makes use of D-Link Green Ethernet technology, providing more energy savings and a longer product life, without sacrificing operational performance or functionality. These environmentally friendly switches are also RoHS compliant, use recyclable packaging, and minimize the use of harmful substances.

Tipologia: Unmanaged
Velocità: 10, 100, 1000 Mbit/s
PoE: No
Quantità porte: 24
Quantità porte SFP: 0
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